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What is Hobamine?

Hobamine, scientifically known as 2-hydroxybenzylamine or 2-HOBA, is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the buckwheat plant.  Hobamine is ideal for anyone looking to maintain good health, as it has been scientifically shown to protect against oxidative stress and promote healthy cell function.

How Hobamine Works

Factors such as aging, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise all increase oxidative stress. Excess oxidative stress often can result in you not feeling your best. However, some oxidative stress is important for normal function, so attempts to completely block oxidative stress may not be optimal. For example, some antioxidants can interfere with normal physiological processes 1. Enter the patented ingredient Hobamine (2-HOBA).

2-HOBA works by acting specifically against compounds responsible for oxidative damage without blocking the processes needed for healthy cell function.  2-HOBA has been shown to attenuate the effects of oxidative stress in brain cells, blood vessels, heart, lung, and immune cells, helping to support healthy function. Furthermore, 2-HOBA has been extensively studied for safety – these studies show that 2-HOBA can be consumed daily without unwanted side effects.


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