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A Proactive Approach to Aging

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We all want to live our best lives even as we age. 

In The Natural View podcast with Todd Pauli and Maggie Jaqua, they have special guest Shawn Baier, VP of Business Development at TSI Group, to discuss healthy aging, overlooked component, and nutritional ingredients to promote healthy aging.

Healthy, Active Aging

There are many various categories to focus on when we talk about healthy aging like joints, bones, and cognitive health.  One area that tends to get overlooked when it comes to healthy aging is muscle health.   

Unfortunately, we will all experience age-related muscle loss and if not addressed at all it can become a debilitating issue.  Our muscles carry out the physical demands of life and preventing muscle loss is easier than trying to restore lost muscle mass and strength.

Muscles Meet myHMB

The good news is there is an ingredient that is clinically proven to help prevent muscle loss – myHMB, scientifically known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate or HMB. 

HMB in the past has been predominately known as a supplement for bodybuilders to help build muscle and improve recovery, but there is an array of research showing its potential in aging demographics to help prevent muscle loss during times of inactivity like bed rest after an illness or injury.   HMB can benefit any individual that wants to improve quality of life as we age.

Healthy Aging at a Cellular Level

We all experience oxidative stress in our lives, and while we can mitigate some of it, we cannot eliminate it.  Factors such environmental factors, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, alcohol, overexercising can all cause oxidative stress and when excessive oxidative stress happens it creates highly reactive molecules called free radicals and these can have a negative impact on the health of our cells and bodies.

A Radical Approach to Cellular Health

Hobamine, or 2-hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA), is a naturally occurring compound that is at the forefront of new developments to support cellular health, particularly as we age.

Hobamine (2-HOBA) works by rapidly capturing specific reactive compounds formed by oxidative stress.   This capture prevents those compounds from binding to and damaging other cellular components like proteins, lipids, or DNA and impeding normal function of the cell. 

Dive deeper into these topics by watching or listening to the full podcast on The Natural View!

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Ingredients for New Age Cellular Health

Author Mike Montemarano from Nutraceuticals World takes a look at ingredients that aim to extend health span from a cellular level.

Science continues to evolve on the human body and how there are key markers in human cells and DNA that can give us a better idea on the aging process.  With this new knowledge, many specialty ingredients are coming to the forefront to help try to set back our cellular clock.

Hallmarks of Biological Age

“Even though there is still no consensus about whether aging is biologically programmed, almost all gerontologists agree aging is a clinical disease responsible for the vast majority of deaths among the world’s populations,” said Marianne McDonagh, Vice President of Sales for Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Telomerase is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the maintenance and protection of our DNA.  It is responsible for the extension and preservation of telomeres, which protect caps found at the ends of our chromosomes.  The production of telomerase declines with age, and the shortening of telomeres has been linked to various age-related diseases.

Another important process that has been linked to cellular health is the process of senescence.  This is where the cells are unable to continue to multiply even in optimal conditions.  This process increases with age and can cause cells to express pro-inflammatory cytokines and other toxins that impair tissue function. 

“All of these hallmarks represent a reason why the aging of our cells can affect our lives significantly.  With a longer lifespan, we don’t always experience a longer health span or high quality of life,” said Shawn Baier, Vice President of Business Development at TSI Group. “It is important to note that supplementation won’t completely reverse cellular aging, but it can address some of the negative effects connected to it.”

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 Emerging Ingredients

Researchers are looking at ingredients to address cellular health, specifically looks at two primary outcomes:

      • Inducing the death of senescent cells

      • Improving mechanical integrity of healthy cells

    TSI Group has recently launched the branded compound Hobamine (2-HOBA).  A recent NIH-funded study published in Inflammation showed that 2-HOBA was linked to positive changes in 15 inflammatory biomarkers in two small cohorts of younger and older adults.  This ingredient has the potential to ameliorate age-related declines in the immune system’s ability to self-limit its responses.  2-HOBA works as a scavenger of a pro-inflammatory reactive lipid called IsoLG.  This can help to prevent the body’s formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) from cascading out of control.  As a result, ROS are neutralized before they react with DNA, proteins, and other components of the cell.

    To read more about this topic please follow the link below to the full article in Nutraceuticals World magazine.

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    Greg Macpherson Explains the Radical Approach to Cellular Health – Hobamine

    Greg Macpherson, biotechnologist and founder of SRW Laboratories sits down with Naturally Informed to discuss cellular health, oxidative stress, and how Hobamine can play a role in this.

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    For more than 30 years Greg Macpherson has worked in the health arena, with a focus over the last decade in the biotechnology sector.  He has been specifically studying the aging process at a cellular level.  This work led him to writing the book Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging and then founding the company SRW Laboratories which focuses on formulating natural products to slow the onset of aging and disease.

    The Importance of Cellular Health

    Cell are the building blocks of the body.  They provide your body’s structure and carry out specialized functions important to your health and wellbeing. 

    Aging begins within your cells, however it’s only recently that scientists have been able to identify what can cause aging in the cells.

    Oxidative stress has been shown to be one of the major causes of cellular damage in all human beings.  But luckily a new ingredient has proven to bring hope to blunting damage from oxidative stress.

    Ingredient at the Forefront of Cellular Health

    “Hobamine (2-HOBA) represents a really significant advance in the approach to reducing the impact of oxidative stress because it acts as a circuit breaker between the downstream of fits of oxidative stress and something called an isolevuglandins which is a highly reactive molecule.  It’s actually the real reason that oxidative stress is so bad for us and Hobamine does this without blurring what they call healthy reactive oxygens signaling.”

    To learn more about cellular health and how Hobamine plays a role watch the presentation by Greg Macpherson.

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    Novel Ingredient that May Slow Down the Aging Process

    A new ingredient – Hobamine has the potential to help slow down the aging process.

    Aging is inevitable but is heavily impacted by our environment from pollution to eating habits.  As our body ages there are significant changes to the way the body’s cell’s function.  These changes can alter our appearance and the way we feel on the outside. 


    “By using the nine hallmarks of aging, or identified causes of aging, we can literally reprogram our cells to function at a much younger biological age than our current chronological age,” States Greg Macpheson, biotechnologist, pharmacist, and founder of SRW Laboratories.



    A New Discovery for Premature Aging – Hobamine

    In the early 2000s, an extract called Hobamine from Himalayan Tartary buckwheat was discovered.  Hobamine is a novel molecule for cellular health because it helps prevent oxidative stress without interfering with normal physiological processes that are important to the body.

    To learn more, follow the link below to view the whole article in Vitafoods Insights.

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    The Game Changer for Healthy Aging

    SRW Labs is changing the science of aging with their innovative cellular health supplements.

    For more than a decade the SRW team has been working in the biotechnology sector, focusing on the aging process at a cellular level. 


    Their work led to the nine identified, scientific hallmarks of aging.  This led to creating a supplement line tailored to benefiting health at a cellular level.


    A Game Changing Molecule

    In their development of this supplement line, one new ingredient that came to the forefront was Hobamine (2-HOBA).  This extract from Himalayan Tartary buckwheat has been found to help protect cells from damage caused from environment that leads to premature aging.


    Follow the link below for the full article in Alternative Medicine.

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