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A Year in Review

Hobamine has claimed the spotlight in the field of cellular health this past year, and TSI Group eagerly anticipates the developments in 2024. Hobamine, TSI Group’s latest ingredient breakthrough, has garnered recognition as one of the standout discoveries of the year. As we take pride in reflecting on the past year, we eagerly anticipate exploring new studies and findings that await on the horizon. But first, let’s revisit some notable highlights from 2023.     New Study Shows 2-HOBA has a Promising Impact on Immune Health In a study funded by the NIH and published in the journal Inflammation, it

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bring your best to immune health by leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Immune Health

In Nutraceuticals World an article Immune Health Remains a Top Priority, Even as Many Move on from Covid, highlights the importance of immune health and how new supplement formulas offer great value to consumers. Despite a 4.3% decline in sales for immune health supplements in the last year, the category remains relevant. The decline is slowing, and experts believe it won’t plummet to the levels seen after the pandemic’s peak. One significant challenge faced by manufacturers, vendors, and retailers is dealing with overstock issues as they stocked up on immune products during the pandemic. However, this overstock situation has opened

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The Cellular Health Market

In Nutritional Outlook, industry leaders give their expert advice on the trends that are driving the cellular health market. The cellular health industry continues to grow with more and more ingredients coming to the forefront.  As this category evolves, it’s hard for consumers to navigate the market.  Brands need to step up their game to educate consumers on the science behind these ingredients. New Developments in Cellular Health “Aging research has evolved in recent years,” says Aileen Stocks, president of wellness brands at Nestlé Health Science. “Researchers now know there is a time-related decline of several cellular mechanisms that often

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A Proactive Approach to Aging

We all want to live our best lives even as we age.  In The Natural View podcast with Todd Pauli and Maggie Jaqua, they have special guest Shawn Baier, VP of Business Development at TSI Group, to discuss healthy aging, overlooked component, and nutritional ingredients to promote healthy aging. Healthy, Active Aging There are many various categories to focus on when we talk about healthy aging like joints, bones, and cognitive health.  One area that tends to get overlooked when it comes to healthy aging is muscle health.    Unfortunately, we will all experience age-related muscle loss and if not

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3 Ingredients to Support Health & Performance

At SupplySide East experts discuss what ingredients they believe people should be supplementing with to support sports performance and overall health. Todd Runestad, Natural Products Insider content director spoke with Douglas S. Kalman, Ph.D., clinical associate professor at Nova Southeastern University in Florida to gain his expert insight on the top three ingredients that are effective in the sports nutrition arena. According to Kalman, his top 3 ingredients were Hobamine, HMB, and Creatine.  Here is a little insight on why he chose these 3 ingredients. Hobamine Our lives are filled of stress and high-intensity exercise also induces stress on the

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Hobamine – NutraIngredients USA Awards Winner!

TSI Group is proud to announce that 2023 Nutrition Research Project of the Year Award from NutraIngredients-USA goes to the NIH-funded Hobamine study. NutraIngredients-USA Awards persist in acknowledging excellence within the dietary supplement industry.  With 17 different categories to enter, the awards honor the best and brightest ingredients, finished products, companies and people in the nutrition industry. Hobamine’s Award Winning Study The new NIH-funded study on Hobamine, Inflammation Biomarker Response to Oral 2-Hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA) Acetate in Healthy Humans, received the Nutrition Research Project of the Year Award.  This study showed the impact of 2-HOBA (Hobamine) supplementation on inflammatory biomarkers in

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Ingredients for New Age Cellular Health

Author Mike Montemarano from Nutraceuticals World takes a look at ingredients that aim to extend health span from a cellular level. Science continues to evolve on the human body and how there are key markers in human cells and DNA that can give us a better idea on the aging process.  With this new knowledge, many specialty ingredients are coming to the forefront to help try to set back our cellular clock. Hallmarks of Biological Age “Even though there is still no consensus about whether aging is biologically programmed, almost all gerontologists agree aging is a clinical disease responsible for

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New Study Shows 2-HOBA Supports Immune Function

NEW Study Shows 2-HOBA Supplementation has a Promising Impact on Immune Health. TSI Group is proud to announce positive results from a recent NIH-funded study on the impact of 2-hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA), TSI’s branded ingredient Hobamine, on inflammatory biomarkers. Balance is Essential to a Proactive Approach to Immune Health The NIH-funded study, published in the journal Inflammation, found that supplementing with 2-HOBA improved as many as 15 inflammatory biomarkers in healthy individuals, thereby promoting a healthy balance of the immune system. “Normally, inflammation is self-limiting, and its resolution is the first step in the repair and regeneration of injured tissues. Failure

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2-HOBA for Cellular Health

TSI Group’s new compound, Hobamine (2-HOBA) has shown to support cellular health through a unique mechanism. As science continues to advance, looking at health at a cellular level has more prominant.  “Cellular health matters because it has an important impact on how well our bodies function, repair themselves, produce new body tissue, and much more,” according to Shawn Baier, vice president of business development with TSI Group’s Innovative Products Division. “As we all know, our immune system and how it responds to various stimuli has an effect on our cellular health, both positively and negatively. Cells form tissues, tissues form

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A Paradigm Shift

A recently published article in Nutraceuticals World explores the latest advancements and changes in the field of antioxidants. As you may know, antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting the body from oxidative stress and damage, which can lead to a variety of health issues. However, recent research suggests that the traditional approach to antioxidants may not be as effective as once thought. The article delves into these new findings and discusses the latest breakthroughs in antioxidant research, including novel compounds and delivery systems that are changing the game. The Paradigm Shift There has been a paradigm shift in the

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Hobamine – A Breakthrough Hero

Ingredient supplier TSI Group sits down with Nutritional Outlook to discuss how Hobamine (2-HOBA) is a “breakthrough” ingredient for cellular health. As an ingredient for healthy aging, Hobamine has a new unique method to combat oxidative stress without blocking normal physiological function and pathways. What exactly is Hobamine? Hobamine is a form of the naturally occurring compound 2-hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA).  Hobamine works by rapidly capturing specific reactive compounds formed by oxidative stress.   This capture prevents those compounds from binding to and damaging other cellular components like proteins, lipids, or DNA and impeding normal function of the cell.  Why Hobamine Over Antioxidants?

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Hobamine – A Breakthrough Non-Antioxidant

Hobamine (2-HOBA) has entered the spotlight as a new ingredient to help improve the balance of cellular health according to an article in Nutrition Insight. Hobamine is a patented ingredient from TSI Group that is a naturally occurring compound of hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA).  This ingredient is a breakthrough because it specifically targets the negative impact from oxidative stress without blunting the body’s normal and healthy processes.  Health at a Granular Level Cellular health is the foundation of overall health and becomes especially more important as we age.  “Cellular health matters because it has an important impact on how well the body

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